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At Kaiser Permanente health promotion and your healthcare are number one. With the implementation of the ACA in 2010 finding affordable health insurance is easier than ever using the health insurance marketplace. provides a platform for individuals to compare insurance quotes and healthcare plans. At you can find individual health insurance, supplemental health insurance for your Medicare plan, and information on flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts during open enrollment. Affordable insurance is a click away with a login online account.  We are in no way affiliated with, see below for login access. Member Login

Everyone needs insurance coverage to protect themselves and their families when illness and accidents happen. When you create an online account at you are given access to the health insurance marketplace where you can compare insurance quotes and health insurance plans. Not all health insurance companies are created equal. Because Kaiser Permanente is a private health insurance they are able to offer a wider variety of individual health insurance plans that you may not find with other mid-sized to large insurance companies.

So whether you are needing a basic health insurance plan to see a family doctor once a year or for simple illnesses or maybe you want a more non-Western medicine option such as acupuncture and chiropractor visits covered as well. will guide you to making the best decision in the healthcare marketplace so that you are confident you and your family are covered with affordable health care by one the best insurance companies. With a login you are able to email with your provider to follow up on test results or discuss a medication reaction, this can all be done from your home on a  mobile device. Kaiser Permanente also offers telemedicine that allow providers and patients to meet face to face remotely through a webcam to discuss symptoms and care. This new telemedicine way of treating patients is a fairly new technology being utilized by patients that may live in rural areas aren’t easily able to drive hundreds of miles to see a doctor for a simple follow up appointment.

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As a member, login and take advantage of all types of services including making online payments, learning more about the medications you are taking from the online drug encyclopedia, which is a great tool to learn more about your prescription drugs, as well as manage your prescriptions. Once you are logged in you have access to your complete electronic health records (EHR), medication lists, account balance and upcoming appointments. Additionally, as mentioned before you can discuss issues and new symptoms with your

Gaining access to your online account is easy. If you are a returning member, simply enter your username and password and click “Sign On”. If this is your first visit to, don’t worry they’ve made the process easy for you too. Click on the “Register Now” button on the bottom right of the login box. You will be required to enter personal and account information, this is needed to create your username and password. Password protection for your online account is very important since it contains your EHR. Once you have gone through the steps you are now able make changes to settings and add any information you haven’t already done so for.

Recent News

In 2016 Kaiser Permanente was ranked number one in Diversity on Inc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity list. It is no wonder that Kaiser Permanente is ranked one of the best insurance companies to work with and work for.

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