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UPDATED – October 24, 2017:  The more flexible your medical insurance is, the better the services you get are in the end and at You may need medical coverage for day to day needs or unexpected emergencies throughout any given year. Make sure you are prepared for any situation with an insurance policy from MyAflac.  We are in no way affiliated with Aflac Insurance, see below for login access. Login

Before managing your own account online, you must register. This registration is for two qualifications. One is to either upgrade or transfer an existing supplement insurance. Your online account starts by having both plans organized together. Each online option provides you with a username and password, a dashboard and direct communication to personnel and

Payments can be made on You can also upgrade your insurance, go premium or eliminate features altogether. Your end of the month statements are easy to read, and recording each month’s transaction takes no time.

Features of MyAflac Account

Aflac is now offering supplement insurance with online management through The benefits and features are expansive. Managing your supplement insurance online means easy, simple access. This is access to insurance data that you can reach 24 hours a day. There are no delays in getting your coverage changed, updated or removed.

Because this online portal is powered by Aflac, the same customer support and sales rep are within arms reach. They’re available for all types of inquiries at your myaflac login. The access you get online simply can’t be beat.

One of the best way to stay flexible when getting insurance is to prepare with as many options as you can. This means taking into consideration supplement insurance at myaflac. This type of insurance is money you have to cover for medical costs that initial Medicare won’t cover. That may include areas such as coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.

Supplement insurance also covers for emergencies had while traveling outside the boarders of the USA. The one factor that remains congruent with any variety of supplement insurance is that each works alongside your usual coverage for medical needs. Supplement cannot be used without current insurance. But it’s great for managing medical bills after initial insurance becomes active.

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Aflac Claim Forms

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