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NextMD Login

UPDATED October 3, 2017:  Next MD Patient Portal is EMR software produced by NextGen that provides access to download your medical records and share with your doctor or healthcare providers.  The Next MD Patient Portal provides not only your electronic health record but you can also find a doctor in your network or health insurance plan, schedule doctor’s appointments, track current medications and request prescription refills. We are in no way affiliated with NextMD, see below for login access.

Patient Portal –

To access the Patient Portal at, follow the below instructions…
—  Under the “Already a Member” section, enter your Username and Password
—  Click “Log In” to enter the Next MDPatient Portal

Creating Your NextMD Login

When you visit the patient portal for the first time you will have to setup your online account. Click on the “I am New Here” button. From here you will have the option of choosing one of two choices, “I was given and enrollment token” or “I have a temporary username and password.”NextMD Login

Follow the instructions for creating your NextMD login. Remember password protection is very important for protecting you against identity theft. An easy step for identity theft protection is to create a password protection that includes numbers, letter and special characters unique to the patient.  If you are a returning user to the NextMD Login simply enter your username and password and click “Log In.”

Features of Next MD Patient Portal is quickly becoming a major player in EMR software giving electronic health records access to both doctors and patients. This EMR system is a secure and easy to use resource to view and share your medical record online.

  • View medical records and lab test results
  • Schedule doctor’s appointment
  • View current medications and refill prescriptions
  • Update allergies and medical history
  • Secure messaging with health care providers and doctors
  • View billing history, statements and make an online payment (if applicable)
  • Family Management of Children’s Electronic Health Records and Elderly Care & NexGen Patient Portal

Although NextGen is a lesser known EMR software producer, they are providing and alternative MyChart that tends to focus on larger health care providers and hospitals. NextGen’s Next MD Patient Portal turns its attention to smaller more independent health care providers giving them the patient portal they need. They continue to grow to provide EHR software to insurance companies and healthcare providers across the country. The NextMD login patients can easily communicate with their primary care provider or access their medical records. Learn more about the portal login process at

In November 2016 NextGen will host their annual One symposium and User Group Meeting in Las Vegas. NextGen users, providers, and peers can attend different hands-on learning sessions to make the NextMD login experience more useful and easy to use.

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With open enrollment quickly approaching the search for affordable insurance should be on the top of your list of things to do.

There are a few things to consider when looking for individual health insurance or when you compare health insurance in the healthcare marketplace; finding a primary care provider, do you want a high deductible health plan, and how extensive your insurance coverage will be. If you switch health insurance plans or health insurance companies, contact your primary care provider to obtain your medical records or make sure your electronic medical record (EMR) is up-to-date.

Learn more about 2017 Marketplace Health Plans at

Contact Patient Portal – NexGen Customer Service

If you forgot your Next MD Patient Portal password or username, please see Reset Your Password


NOTE: We are not affiliated with Next MD, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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