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WageWorks is a public and independent company that lends its knowledge in consumer directed healthcare, flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA) and a variety of reimbursement programs to companies looking to save money not only for their bottom line but their employees too. Wage Works teams up with your employer to give its employees the best advantage in affordable insurance, health and wellness, tuition reimbursement and rideshare incentives.

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Most of these benefits come in the form a prepaid Visa card, prepaid MasterCard, or TransitChek that can be spent as needed. In addition to also carrying a rollover option that eliminates the “use or lose it” mentality, unused funds rollover to the next cycle and every time you use your prepaid card towards your FSA or HSA you earn reward points in the reward program. When you sign up for your WageWorks login a new world of savings and health promotion opens up, create your WageWorks online account today at www.wageworks.com and start saving!

On WageWorks.com you will find categories for both employers and employees. Both respectively geared towards their audience. In the employer’s section you find information on open enrollment, if Wage Works is best for your company, what WageWorks offers and an opportunity for existing partnerships to increase their involvement in Wage works programs. In the employee section on www.WageWorks.com enrolled employees can view several programs within each heading including: healthcare, dependent care, commuter, and lifestyle. We will walk through what each of these categories has to offer. From individuals looking to save on affordable health care with a flexible savings account or maybe just needing supplemental health insurance options to make sure their insurance coverage will be there when they need it most. We will discuss elderly care and daycare options as well as bike to work and tuition reimbursement.

What Will WageWorks Do For You?

To Your Health

What WageWorks gives your employer that is in return passed along to you is savings. Working with a consumer directed health plan gives the employees many options to seek out the best health insurance with a spending account for out-of-pocket expenses. Consumers are still able to choose the individual health insurance they want, but with a higher deductible, this high deductible is offset by the flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). This money is garnered as pre-tax funds loaded onto a prepaid card, whether it be a Visa card or prepaid MasterCard. It is Wage Works objective to make sure the employee is making the best informed decisions about their healthcare and the health of their family. Although it is up to your employer to decide if certain services like acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition programs, or chiropractor visits will be covered, WageWorks.com works with you to make sure you understand how to best use your health insurance and FSA or HSA accounts.

Freedom for Your Family

Juggling work and family can be hard. figuring out how to best pay for daycare or elderly care can cause a lot of strain on the pocketbook. With WageWorks FSA designed for this very purpose people are finding some ease in their decisions on where send their children and elderly parents during work hours. Individuals can save an average of 30% by having money pulled from their paycheck into their FSA to spend on eligible care programs like preschool, daycare, a nanny, and elderly care. This money is taken from your paycheck prior to taxes.

To Think ABout on Your Commute

One of the more interesting programs Wage Works offers is a prepaid card for rideshare, bike to work, and other environmentally friendly alternatives for your commute to work. Let’s begin with the Commuter Transit Account, this account gives a 30-40% discount on mass transit such as trains, buses, subway and vanpools. As with all Wage Work accounts the money is taken from your paycheck prior to taxes giving you more savings. You do not have to wait for open enrollment to sign up for this benefit.

If you do have to commute to work by car, the Commuter Parking Account may be a good benefit for you. Use your FSA prepaid Visa to pay for parking and save 30%. This includes commutes to park and ride parking lots, train stations or transit centers. There is a phone app for your mobile device that you can use to manage your account on this benefit. Track how much you’ve spent, check your balance and change settings.

There is even a Bicycle Reimbursement Program that reimburses those that bike to work. The amount of reimbursement is determined by your company but the money goes onto your prepaid credit card to be used for any of the other FSA or HSA programs you may be enrolled with. So if you’re more environmentally friendly or want to avoid the mess mass transit can be sometimes and bike to work you don’t have to wait for open enrollment on this program either so get pedaling and save!

Lifestyle Matters

To go along with the environmentally friendly healthy living, the programs in the Lifestyle category range from tuition reimbursement to health and wellness. WageWorks.com offers tuition reimbursement to those looking to extend their current degree. Maybe you are wanting to move forward in your career and that bachelor’s degree just isn’t enough to make the jump, enroll in online courses and work towards that master’s degree you’ve been talking about. This program isn’t meant as a federal student loan but to encourage employees to strive for greatness within their chosen field with some tuition assistance. Whether you have an associate’s degree from a community college or bachelor’s degree from a big university, college tuition is expensive and with WageWorks you can get some tuition assistance. This program also provides services to help pay for your children’s private school. Not having to wait for open enrollment, take that leap and get the degree you deserve without having to worry about getting financial aid or student loans.

Also included are health and wellness incentives. So if you need to start eating healthy, meet with a nutritionist or enroll in a nutrition program. Wage Works is there to help you quit smoking or stay on top of your blood pressure. They will also reimburse you for becoming a member of a gym or taking exercise classes at a wellness center. This health promotion is exactly what is important to WageWorks and its partners. A healthy employee is a harder working, more efficient employee.

Wage Works Online Account

If you haven’t set up an account on www.wageworks.com that will be the first step to getting your online account running. To register click the “Employee Register” button at the top right of the homepage and fill in the necessary personal information. You will be asked to pick what type of reimbursement you are wanting to set up. At this time, you will also create your username and password. It is important to pick a unique password. Password protection is important to ensure you do not become a victim of identity theft. Generally, a combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers and special characters works best. If you are a returning user, simply enter your username and password and click “Log In”. Once you have your online account you will be able to keep track of your Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, and reimbursement programs. You will also be able to sign up for programs and accounts or discontinue others if you no longer need one. Keep track of your health insurance, flexible spending accounts, bike to work reimbursements and tuition reimbursements so you can make the best of WageWorks.com.

Recent News

WageWorks recently teamed up with Uber, the rideshare company to provide services for those wishing to carpool. When you ride in an UberPool car you can use your prepaid credit card or prepaid debit card from your FSA or TransitChek account to pay for your ride. Individuals can save up to 40% when using UberPool for rideshare to and from work. This program is currently only running in select cities and it is recommended to check www.wageworks.com to see if your city is a participating area.

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Customer Service Helpdesk: 888-990-5099
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1100 Park Place, 4th Floor
San Mateo, CA  94403

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